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download ebook - 3rd edition!

BROEKER, TOBIAS (2016): The 20th century violin concertante - A repertoire collection of the compositions for violin concertante written between 1894 and 2006. ISBN 978-3-00-050001-5


The complete ebook with more than 12000 compositions by more than 7000 composers is available in pdf-format and free of charge! To get a personal copy, left click on the underlined file name (Broeker3Ed.pdf) and save a copy to your computer.


The downloading time for dial-up (56 kb/s) is about 90 minutes and for broadband (768 kb/s) three minutes.


Use the ebook as much and long as you want to, you are free to share the complete ebook to other persons with mentioning the author and source, and in return I would like to ask for your contribution in telling me corrections and additions!

A review of the 2nd edition of my e-book can found in Fontes Artis Musicae (2016, issue 1), the professional journal of the "International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centers (IAML)".

PDF-Dokument [31.4 MB]

Download at your own risk. See also disclaimer.


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  • philip percival (Donnerstag, 12. November 2015 20:54)

    Dear Tobias

    Having downloaded your e-book I would like to thank you for having provided me - us, the world! - with such a fantastic resource. To have researched it is already a great accomplishment but to have
    then offered it to us all for nothing is truly wonderful.

    With many thanks again and best wishes,
    Philip Percival

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