The 20th century violin concertante

On this website you can find information about the results of my research about the compositions for violin concertante composed between 1894 and 2006.



I published an encyclopedia about the repertoire for violin concertante. This encyclopedia is available free of charge as an ebook in pdf-format from this website. You can find it by clicking on the download ebook button at the top.


Beside the information presented in the ebook I also collect scores and sound recordings of the compositions for violin concertante to build a unique Violin Gathering Point.


On the score library site you can find a list of scores which are part of my library. But I also try to find unpublished music autographs to preserve them from getting lost. You can find information about these autographs on the rare manuscripts page. I also own a few signed violin concerto scores. These are presented on the signed score site.


Not on this website but nevertheless a major part of the research is my audio archive. I have sound recordings for more than 7000 different compositions for violin concertante from the 20th century which makes my audio archive the most comprehensive and most complete worldwide!


I am also trying to help that unperformed or forgotten masterpieces come (back) on stage. For this reason I give repertoire suggestions if someone is looking for new works to perform, help to find scores or bring musician and copyright holder together. The cases in which my work resulted in a performance can be found on research effects.


Through my research work I also received the collection of musical documents of the composers Carlos Veerhoff, Helmut May, Phyllis Gummer and Adolf Sigmundt. I would like to support the music of these composers (violin and non-violin works) and you can find complete finding aids as submenus in the rare manuscripts section.


And you can reach me via email at the contact site.





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