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Phyllis Gummer: Piano sonata

This site presents my effect on recent performances of the Piano sonata (1937) by Canadian composer Phyllis Gummer (1919-2005):

In 2015 I obtained the complete musical estate of Phyllis Gummer. From this archive I created typeset scores for some of her compositions and uploaded the files on my website, among them the Piano sonata from 1937. This composition won Phyllis Gummer the CAPAC Prize for the best Canadian composer under 22 in 1940.

In 2019 the renowned Canadian pianist and musicologist Elaine Keillor noticed my publication of the Piano sonata and studied it. Ms. Keillor decided to bring this composition back on stage and first performed the second movement Andante at a concert in Almonte (Canada) in April 2019.


On 15 May 2019 Elaine Keillor will perform the complete Piano sonata by Phyllis Gummer at a recital that is part of the "Doors Open for Music at Southminster" in Ottawa (Canada).

It is very likely that the Piano sonata by Phyllis Gummer wasn't publicly performed since the 1940s, so Elaine Keillor will "re-premiere" the composition 70 years after its last execution!

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