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For many years I am researching about violin music of the 20th century. That means I contacted hundreds of composers over the years to get information, recordings and scores of their works. I published the details about the violin concertos in my encyclopedia "The 20th century violin concertante". Additionally I published dozens of previously unpublished scores of violin compositions through my website. My entire efforts have the goal to support and promote lesser known composers and their works. Some composers honoured this devotion with a composition that is dedicated to me. I am flattered of these dedications and would love to support the compositions even more:

Barry McKimm: Violin concerto


The Violin concerto by Barry McKimm was composed in 1980 and premiered the same year with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra under Patrick Thomas. Soloist was Leonard Dommett, the renowned concertmaster of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The violin concerto consists of three movements, but on a special request by Leonard Dommett he played the second movement "Andante tranquillo" on a viola at the occasion of the world premiere.

In 2016 the violin concerto was revised and this second edition was dedicated to me. I am very proud of this dedication because this composition is among the most brilliant and most beautiful violin concertos of the 20th century and part of my exclusive and precious list of outstanding violin concertos (see my complete recommendation list here)!

The full score of the revised edition of the Violin concerto by Barry McKimm can be found on my website here.

Eero Järvilehto: Violin concerto No.3


Below a statement of the composer Eero Järvilehto about his Violin concerto No.3:


"The Violin concerto No. 3 op 125 by Eero Järvilehto was composed between 2009 and 2014 and is scored for violin and orchestra. The work has three movements: I. The Bells – II. Psalm 67 – III. Folk songs. In the first movement celesta and vibraphone have central parts hence the title "The Bells". The title of the second movement derives from the fact that it is an arrangement of the composers own song "Psalm 67". The third movement "Folk songs" uses a Karelian folk song for kantele, Church bells of Konevitsa, and a melody refering to Ostrobothnian folk melodies. The part of the solist contains also small variation of citations from Boris Blacher's Violin concerto, because the work is dedicated to Tobias Bröker, whose admires the Blacher concerto."


More information about Eero Järvilehto and his other two violin concertos can be found on my website here.

Colette Mourey: Visions du Mont Fuji, for violin and piano


Colette Mourey (*1954) is a French composer, guitarist and musicologist. In 2019 she composed the work "Visions du Mont Fuji, for violin and piano" which is dedicated to me. The work consists of 11 small movements that build up to a complete work of around 28 minutes. The work is still unperformed and awaits its premiere.

If you are interested in the score of the work, it can be downloaded free of charge below:

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