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Paul Wiese

Paul Wiese was born on 10 June 1894 in Braunschweig (Germany), but grew up in Poznan where he was musically influenced by the Polish folk culture. In 1913 Paul Wiese began his music studies at the Conservatory of Braunschweig and later graduated at the Dresden Conservatory. He worked as Kapellmeister and repetiteur in Chemnitz, Erfurt and Dresden. In 1928 Paul Wiese began additional studies in church music under Hans Joachim Moser in Berlin which he finished in 1932. He later moved to Pirna and lived and worked there for the rest of his life. Paul Wiese died on 11 December 1977 in Pirna.



In my possession is the autograph manuscript of the Suite for orchestra "Dumky" op.13. The Suite was composed in 1946 and is the most successful and most popular composition of Paul Wiese. It was premiered in 1949 by the Städtisches Orchester Zwickau under Werner Schöniger. It received several further performances in the next decades, among them a concert by the North Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Teplice and the Dresdner Philharmonie under the baton of Siegfried Geißler in 1961. A review about the latter performance in the Sächsische Zeitung said: "The composition sounds good and reveals the experienced professional in its melodic ideas as well as through its technical-compositional realisation. The work creates rhythmically clear and beautiful highlights."

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