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Richard Stoker

Richard Stoker was born on 8 November 1938 in Castleford (Great Britain). He studied music at the Royal Academy of Music under Lennox Berkeley, and later with a Mendelssohn scholarship under Nadia Boulanger in Paris. Already in 1963 he became professor for composition at the Royal Academy of Music and taught there until 1983. He also made a notable career as a theatre and film actor with appearances in over 100 productions worldwide.


Among the compositions of Richard Stoker are chamber works with an emphasis on piano and guitar compositions, but he also composed operas, a piano concerto, three string quartets, three piano trios, song cycles, choral works, orchestral works and organ music.

In my possession is the autograph violin part and a copy of the full score of the "Prelude & Toccata for violin and piano op.22" which dates from 1967. It was first performed in 1974.

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