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Lucijan Marija Skerjanc

Lucijan Marija Skerjanc was born on 17 December 1900 in Graz (at that time Austria-Hungary). His parents were Slovenians who returned from to Graz to their homeland in 1902. So after school Lucijan Marija Skerjanc first studied at the Ljubljana conservatory under Joseph Marx (composition) and Anton Trost (piano). He then completed his studies at the Prague conservatory and the university in Vienna from 1920 to 1924 and finally at the Schola Cantorum under Vincent d'Indy in Paris and conducting under Felix Weingartner in Basel.

After his studies Lucijan Marija Skerjanc first made a living with lecturing at the conservatory and the academy of music in Ljubljana. In 1947 he quit these positions and focused completely on composing. Over the years he received numerous prizes for his compositions among them four times the Preseren Prize, the highest award for Slovenian artists. He was also awarded the Herder Prize in Basel in 1964 and the Ordre des Palmes Academiques in Paris.
Lucijan Marija Skerjanc died on 27 February 1973 in Ljubljana (Yugoslavia at that time).


Concerto for clarinet, strings, percussion and harp


In my possession is the autograph piano reduction of the Concerto for clarinet, strings, percussion and harp by Lucijan Marija Skerjanc. The work was composed in 1958 and the score later published by the Society of Slovene Composers (DSS). My manuscript is a handwritten copy by Lucijan Marija Skerjanc which was made by him on 7 August 1962. He dated and signed it twice.

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