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Gerhard Schumann

Gerhard Schumann was born on 29 July 1914 in Görlitz (Germany). He received his first musical education on the violin through his father Oswald Schumann, later through Hans Norden (piano) and Walter Schartner (composition, conducting). In 1937 Gerhard Schumann was granted a scholarship to study at the Musikhochschule Berlin where he finished his studies under Walter Gmeindl, Clemens Schmalstich and Hermann Roth.

In 1940 Gerhard Schumann became the conductor of the Poznan Symphony Orchestra, later he was the Kapellmeister at orchestras in Spremberg, Bautzen, Wurzen and Burgstädt. Since 1950 Gerhard Schumann lived in Berlin and worked as a composer and Kapellmeister. From 1954 he directed the "Tonale Kammerorchester".
Gerhard Schumann died 1976.


The work catalogue of Gerhard Schumann contains more than 200 compositions, among them are works for orchestra, chamber music, songs and choral compositions. The manuscripts of Gerhard Schumann are archived at the Staatsbibliothek Berlin and the Städtische Musikbibliothek München.

In my possession is the autograph manuscript (full score and piano reduction) of the "Concertino for piano and orchestra op.63" composed in 1956. The full score shows a first dedication to pianist Sondra Bianca, which later was crossed out and replaced by a dedication to pianist Jürgen Meyer-Josten.

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