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Paul Sabatier

Paul Sabatier was a French composer and conductor, but he is virtually forgotten today and no biographical information could be found about him. I own a small collection of autograph manuscripts, including the autograph score for the "Danse hongroise". This score is stamped "23 March 1931" by the French Composers Rights Society, which gives a hint about the time when Paul Sabatier was active. Another manuscript bears the handwritten address "58 rue A. Maneyrol, Chaville". Chaville is a small town in the suburbs of Paris.


My collection of compositions by Paul Sabatier contains the following documents:

  • Un regard! Valse Boston pour violon et piano, 1931. Autograph manuscript of violin solo and piano part. Dedicated to the violinist Speranza-Camusat
  • Dedette. One Step pour piano. Privately printed score
  • La belle Reverence. Gavotte pour piano. Autograph score
  • Yellow flowers. One Step pour piano. Privately printed score
  • Sous ton aile. Foxtrot pour piano. Privately printed score
  • Primarosa. Valse pour orchestre. Privately printed score of the piano conductor part, autograph parts
  • Cantilène à l'Aimée. Serenade pour orchestre. Printed parts by Edition Musicale La Favorite (Jean Marongiu) and autograph manuscripts of the parts. Dedicated to the composer's wife
  • Pépée Caprice. Intermezzo pour orchestre. Autograph manuscripts of the parts
  • Intermezzo Valse, pour piano. Autograph score
  • Danse hongroise, pour violon et piano, 1931. Published score by Gallet & Fils and autograph manuscript of score and part.

Below one can find the full score of the composition "Danse hongroise, for violin and piano" and "Un Regard, for violin and piano".

PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]
PDF-Dokument [66.7 KB]
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