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2019-10-05: Babin: Etoiles

2019-10-05: Veerhoff: VC1

2019-09-10: Granier: song

2019-07-15: Lichtveld: Cancio

2019-06-03: Krivokapic: VC

2019-05-02: Beissel: Pas de Q

2019-04-29: Reuter: Cto grosso

2019-04-18: Luig: Suite

2019-04-16: Carow: VC

2019-04-10: Muench: PC

2019-03-30: Jongen: songs

2019-03-29: Straumer: work


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The list below shows all the composers and compositions that are available from my website in this section. Click on the name in the right side menu to go to the specific composer subpage. There you can find a biography and the score for free download.

Sabatier, Paul: archive of his compositions


Sabeston Walker, May: Three country songs, for voice and piano


Sachse, Hans Wolfgang: Violin concerto


Samehtini, Maurits: Romance for violin and orchestra


Schaub, Hans Ferdinand: Passacaglia und Fuge, for orchestra


Schelb, Josef: Violin concerto


Schimmerling, Hanns: Sinfonietta parisienne, for orchestra


Schlemm, Gustav Adolf: Christgeburtskanate


Schneider, Willy: Serenade for flute and guitar


Schoendlinger, Anton: Symphony No.3


Schumann, Gerhard: Piano concertino


Schuyten, Ernest: Violin concerto


Seeboth, Max: Violin concerto


Sherwood, Percy: Violin concerto


Sigmundt, Adolf: archive of his compositions


Siklos, Albert: Violin concerto


Singer jr., Otto: Concertstuck for violin and orchestra


Smecchia, Attilio de: Waltz


Souchay, Marc-Andre: Violin concerto


Stalling, Christian: Violin concerto


Steane, Bruce: Concertstuck for violin alone


Steffen, Wolfgang: Piano concerto


Stoker, Richard: Prelude & Toccata, for violin and piano


Straumer, Fritz: Heitere Impressionen über ein Kinderlied, for orchestra


Street, Tison: Labyrinth - Fantasy for violin and chamber orchestra


Terni, Enrico: Humoreske for violin and piano


Tiessen, Heinz: Fünf Klavierstücke op.21, for piano


Tinel, Jef: Ballade & Ongestadig


Treiber, Heinrich: archive of his compositions


Trexler, Georg: Concertino for violin and orchestra


Turina, Joaquin: Caliope "Himno" op.93


Ueter, Carl: several of his chamber compositions


Uhl, Alfred: Perpetuum mobile, for flute and guitar


Vauclain, Constant: Violin concerto


Veerhoff, Carlos: archive of his compositions


Verley, Albert: Pastels sonores No.7 "Sclava"


Vlag, Harrend: Bulgarian suite, for violin and viola


Vogel, Ernst: small archive


Walenn, Gerald: Harlequinade for violin and orchestra


Weber, Ben: String trio op.19 and other works


Werba, Erik: "Ich bin..", for tenor/soprano and piano


Werdin, Eberhard: Youth opera "Die Wunderuhr"


Werner, Fritz: Violin concerto


Wetzler, Hermann Hans: Symphonie concertante for violin and orchestra


Wiese, Paul: Suite for orchestra "Dumky"


Willingham, Lawrence: Violin concerto


Wolfe, Stanley: Violin concerto

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