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Violin solo

John Luke Rose (*1933): Three meditations and rondo, for solo violin. Fair copy of the score in the composer's hand.


The work is subtitled "Music for wide-open spaces" and is followed by an instruction from the composer: "These pieces may be played while watching the sunrise on Mt. Kanchyinyunga in the Himalayas; in a boat on Milford Sound or Lake Lucerne; in the prairies near the Rockies, or anywhere what just happens to be handy."

PDF-Dokument [259.5 KB]

Marc Andre Souchay (1906-1991): Geige Solo d (1965). Autograph manuscript.


There is a full subpage of my website dedicated to the life and work of Marc Andre Souchay with the score and a sound snippet of the solo violin work "Geige Solo d". Can be found here.

Carlos Veerhoff (1926-2011): Sonata quasi una fantasia, for solo violin op.10 (1956). Autograph manuscripts


Due to the fact that I own a huge part of the manuscripts of composer Carlos Veerhoff, I created an own subpage for him. So please go there for further information on him, his works and the holdings in my archive. You can find the Carlos Veerhoff Archive here.

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