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2017-11-16: Rose: Sonata

2017-10-26: Fordell: op.37

2017-10-23: Käch: Trio

2017-10-15: Haentjes: VC

2017-10-09: Grové: SQ

2017-08-01: Bauer: VC

2017-07-24: Lissauer: VC

2017-07-16: Rabsilber: VC

2017-07-13: Lighty: VC


other violin manuscripts

My research let me find a few rare and important manuscripts without a concertante violin. I would like to make these documents traceable for those who are researching on the topic.


Due to vast amount of manuscripts I devided this site into the sections:


Solo works

John Luke Rose: Three meditations and rondo

Marc Andre Souchay: Geige Solo d (1965)

Heinrich Treiber von der Treib: several compositions

Carlos Veerhoff: Sonata quasi una fantasia op.10 (1956, rev. 1974)


Duo works

John Exton: Fantasy for violin and piano (1962)

Lamberto Gardelli: Sonata-fantasia for violin and piano (1937)

Phyllis Gummer: Violin sonata

Max Herre: Impromptu for violin and piano (1923)

Vincent d'Indy: Andante pour piano et violon (1876)

Leopold Materna: Kleine Romance, for violin and piano (1939)

Helmut May: Sieben Geigenduette mit 12 Tönen, for 2 violins (1958)

Helmut May: Violin Sonata in D (1950)

Helmut May: Serenade for violin and piano (1951)

Helmut May: Violin sonata (1951)

Alban Roetschi: Larghetto for violin and piano (1939)

John Luke Rose: Violin sonata No.1 op.28 (1973)

Valeriy Rutter: Romance and dance for violin and piano (1986)

Paul Sabatier: Danse hongroise, for violin and piano (1931)

Heinrich Treiber von der Treib: several compositions

Carlos Veerhoff: Violin sonata op.47 (1982)

Harrend Vlag: Bulgaarsche Suite, for violin and viola

Jaroslav Vojan: Untitled work for violin and piano


Trio works

Phyllis Gummer: String trio (1942)

Max Herre: Fantasie for violin, cello and piano (1923)

Hugo Käch: Trio for violin, cello and piano (1967)

Jef Tinel: Ongestadig, for 3 violins (1935)

Heinrich Treiber von der Treib: several compositions

Carl Ueter: String trio (1946)

Carlos Veerhoff: String trio No.1 op.56 (1983)

Carlos Veerhoff: String trio No.2 op.67 (1986)


Quartet works

Willy Böttcher: String quartet No.1 op.27 (1930)

Arthur Dennington: String quartet (1933)

Gerd Domhardt: String quartet No.1 (1974)

Martin Georgi: String quartet op.57 (1939)

Herbert Griffiths: String quartet (1920)

Stefans Grove: String quartet (1945)

Phyllis Gummer: String quartet (1941)

Karl Herrmann: String quartet No.6 op.195 (1936)

Werner Karthaus: String quartet (1921)

Georg Katzer: String quartet No.1 (1965)

Aloys Kontarsky: String quartet (1948)

Josef Roeger: String quartet op.22 (1939)

Heinrich Treiber von der Treib: String quartet (1949)

Carlos Veerhoff: String quartet No.1 op.1 (1949)

Carlos Veerhoff: String quartet No.2 op.33 (1974)


5 or more players

Arthur Dennington: Piano quintet (1923)

Erik Fordell: Vedenhaltija (Sjörået), for string orchestra op.37 (1948)

Jef Tinel: Ballade, for 4 violins, 2 violas and cello

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