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Alban Roetschi

Alban Roetschi was born on 19 April 1922 in Solothurn (Switzerland). He received lessons in violin and harmony from Richard Flury, piano and composition from Dino Ghisalberti and clarinet from Stefan Jäggi. Subsequently he studied at the Conservatory in Bern under Rosmarie Stucki (piano) and Luc Balmer (composition), finishing his studies in Basel under Paul Baumgartner (piano) and Hans Münch (conducting). Later Alban Roetschi taught at the college for school and nursery teacher in Solothurn and had a strong influence on the future teachers introducing the Orff instruments to the musical education. Alban Roetschi died on 19 February 2015 in Solothurn.


Alban Roetschi composed sacred music like masses, passions, cantatas, works for chorus as well as secular music for chorus, songs, chamber music and a piano concerto.

In my possession is the autograph manuscript of the Larghetto for violin and piano. It consists of 4 pages and is dated "19. XI 1939" at the end. The work is dedicated to "meinem lieben Doris". Most of the autograph manuscripts of Alban Roetschi are archived at the Zentralbibliothek Solothurn. But there is no related document to the Larghetto. Furthermore the earliest composition at the archive in Solothurn dates from 1941. So this Larghetto seems to be one of the earliest compositions of Alban Roetschi.


The score is typeset, but cannot be published right now. If you are interested in the work, please contact me anyway.

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