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Rupert Riederer

Rupert Riederer was born on 26 March 1901 in Munich (Germany). The father was a carpenter with no possibilities to support the musical talent of his son. For this reason Rupert Riederer received his first music lessons during his educational courses at the vocational school for teachers in Pasing. From 1923 to 1926 he also attended private composition lessons with Friedrich Rein, at that time the director of the "Münchner Orchestervereinigung".

From 1928 until 1963 Rupert Riederer worked as a teacher at different schools in the Munich area. He composed in his leisure time and created 10 string quartets, sonatas for violin, cello and recorder, songs and cantatas, as well as orchestral works like a piano concerto, a flute concerto and 2 chamber symphonies. Many of these compositions were performed several times and broadcasted nation-wide.

Rupert Riederer died on 2 September 1970 in Munich.


The "Symphonic concerto for violin and orchestra" dates from 1965. The original manuscript is archived at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Musikabteilung, code: 21949-2). The work remains unperformed as far as I know.

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