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Henri Ploquin

Henri Ploquin was born 19 September 1862 in Nantes (France). After school he studied music, but also chemistry and physics and became a professor for music at the Conservatory in Nantes from 1888 to 1898 where he taught the elementary piano class. In 1889 Henri Ploquin also founded the society of shooting, gymnastics and military instruction "La Bretonne" in Nantes and was its president until 1895. He organised gymnastics events and composed music for the gymnastic performances. In 1904 Henri Ploquin moved to La Roche-Bernard, now worked as an engineer and headed the installation of electrical current in the town. He stayed there until 1919 when he moved back to Nantes to work again at the Conservatory, now as professor for solfège. In 1926 Henri Ploquin conducted a concert at the inauguration of the "American Monument" (also called "A.E.F. Memorial") in St. Nazaire, a sculpture created by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Henri Ploquin was awarded "Officier d'instruction publique" at this occasion. In 1911 he was already honoured as "Officier d'Academie".

Henri Ploquin died on 20 June 1944 in Sainte-Luce sur Loire near Nantes (France).


The pictured portrait of Henri Ploquin is a painting by renowned French artist Andre Astoul.


Among the compositions of Henri Ploquin are an orchestral suite, "Hymne a l'Aurore" for choir and symphony orchestra, a mass, the operetta "Le Mannequin Saveur", the vaudeville-operetta "Pour avoir la fille", the march "Triomphe d'Etoiles" dedicated to Woodrow Wilson, a cantata "Ils sont venus portés sur les ailes des aigles…", as well as smaller works like songs and chamber music.

In my possession is the autograph manuscript of the "Premiere Suite pour Orchestre" which was composed in 1919-1920. The work consists of the three movements "I. Adagio - II. Menuetto - III. Allegro moderato & Final". The Suite was premiered on 4 May 1925 by the Orchestre de l'Ecole de Musique de Saint-Nazaire under the direction of the composer.

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