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Joseph Noyon

Joseph Noyon was born on 3 October 1888 in Cherbourg (France). He played the organ at the church Sainte-Trinite as an adolescent and later studied under Charles de Beriot, Paul Viardot, Alfred Marichelle and Henri Dallier at the Ecole Niedermeyer and under Paul Vidal at the Conservatoire de Paris.

After World War I Joseph Noyon was organist the chapel of Saint-Cloud, later Kapellmeister at the church Notre-Dame in Auteul, choir master at the Radiodiffusion Francaise and finally Kapellmeister at the church Saint-Honore-d'Eylau.
Joseph Noyon died on 5 October 1962 in Boulogne-Billancourt (France).


The work catalogue of Joseph Noyon contains sacred music like several masses, 70 motets, works for chorus, cantatas. But he also composed chamber music (a string quartet, piano music) and orchestral music (organ concerto, Arioso for violin and strings).

In my possession are the autograph manuscripts of "L'enfance de l'Immaculee" and the "Requiem".


The "Requiem for soli, chorus and orchestra" was composed in 1949 and I only own the autograph of the piano reduction. The work is dedicated to "the memory of Madame Rene Coty", i.e. Germaine Coty, the wife of the former president of France.


The work "L'enfance de l'Immaculee - mystic frescoes for voices, female chorus, organ and orchestra on words by Jean Coeur" was the accompanying music to the silent film "L'enfance de l'Immaculee" which was presented to the public at the "XVIIe Congres des oeuvres de Conferences et de Projections" in Paris in 1927, hold by "La Bonne Presse".

The work is dedicated to Rose-Marie Paillet (born 1924), a French classical dancer. Due to the birth date of Ms Paillet and the first performance the work was later dedicated to her.

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