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Rudolf Muchsel

Rudolf Muchsel was born on 10 November 1860 in Vienna (Austria). After school he first studied different disciplines (i.e. botany, chemistry) at the College of Technology in Vienna. But Rudolf Muchsel did not complete any of these studies because he was previously accepted at the Imperial and Royal Ministry of Finance for a qualification as a government accountant. Rudolf Muchsel finished this education and worked there until his retirement as a „Oberrechnungsrat“ in 1912.


It seems that Rudolf Muchsel began to study music at the end of his career to become a composer in his retirement. It must have been around 1905 that Rudolf Muchsel studied music because his first known compositions date from 1910. At that time he studied with Carl Lafite and Richard Stöhr as well as privately with Hermann Graedener. Rudolf Muchsel found several musicians who performed his music from the very beginning, for example a concert singer named Gisela Werth-Marba or a Danish violinist Charles Hyll.


During World War I Rudolf Muchsel served as a first lieutenant. After the war he moved to Lambach, a small town between Salzburg and Linz, where he became a much valued local composer. Rudolf Muchsel died on 29 December 1945 in Lambach (Austria).

The work catalogue of Rudolf Muchsel contains around 100 compositions. This include works for orchestra or band, compositions for violin and piano, for piano alone and many songs. Due to the fact that there is no available work list of Rudolf Muchsel online I compiled such a list with the help of the family of Rudolf Muchsel. Most of the autograph manuscripts are archived at the Stift Lambach.

opus title instrumentation
8 Sehnsucht voice and piano
11 Mädchenlied voice and piano
14 Lied des Schiffermädels voice and piano
17 Vorfrühling voice and piano
18 Stiller Zwiegesang voice and piano
22 Ländler des Verliebten voice and piano

Orchestersuite im Stile des XVII. Jahrhunderts

"Aus Kaiser Leopold I. Zeit"

24 a

Gavotte a la cour

(from the Orchestersuite op.24)

violin and piano
24 b


(from the Orchestersuite op.24)
violin and piano
24 c

Intermezzo arioso

(from the Orchestersuite op.24)
violin and piano
26 Attergauer Tänze piano
29 Konzertpolonaise und Romanze violin and orchestra
31 Fest-Polonaise piano
35 / 1 Choral und Motette choir
37 Fantasie a l'hongroise piano trio
37 a Friska (from "Fantasie a l'hongroise op.37") violin and piano
38 Konzertwalzer piano
39 / 1 Ich hört ein Sichlein rauschen voice and piano
39 / 2 Barcarole voice and piano
40 Serenade violin and piano
41 Jagdfanfare piano
42 Ein ritterlicher Hochzeits-Festmarsch piano
44 / 2 Auftrag an den Mond voice and piano
45 Rondo "Der Waldbach" piano
47 Sinfon-Scherzo piano
48 / 1 Dansons la Gigue voice and piano
49 Tanzpoem orchestra
51 b Ein schön teutsch Reiterlied choir
52 Lied der Deutschen in Österreich choir
54 Das alte Lied choir
55 / 1 Festmarsch orchestra
56 Offertorium choir, organ and orchestra
57 Ballett-Divertissement violin and piano
58 Kinder-Soldatenspiel piano
59 / 1 Rokoko-Menuett string orchestra
59 / 2 La reine piano
60 / 1 Hessenhymne orchestra
60 / 2 Welser Alpenjägermarsch orchestra
62 Ich lieb die Marie von Gerngross voice and piano
67 Hymne der Zweierschützen orchestra
68 Am Hochlecken tenor solo and choir
69 / 1 Rigaudon piano
69 / 2 Kolomejka piano
72 / 1 Im Paradeisgartl violin and piano
74 Im Liebhartstal orchestra
75 Wiener Frauen und Mädchen orchestra
77 Dollfuss-Hymne "Österreich erwache!" choir and orchestra
80 Traunviertla Kirta choir and orchestra
81 Neues Kreuzfahrerlied choir and piano
83 / 1 Des Österreichers Heimatlied choir
85 Wia's im Landl tanz'n orchestra
86 Aus'm Landl choir and piano
87 Bandltanz choir and yodeler
88 / 1 s'Veigerl soprano, alto and piano
88 / 2 s'Fensterln voice and piano
88 D'Hoamat choir
89 Das Buchenblatt choir
90 / 1 Mein Gott ich danke herzlich dir choir
92 / 1 Niederösterreichisches Heimatlied voice and piano
93 / 2 Landla-Gruass choir and guitar
98 Das Hackenkreuz choir
101 a Landlatänze aus Lambach piano
101 c Landlatänze aus Lambach 2 violins and piano
  Sehnsuchtswalzer violin and piano
  Wie schön ist der Mai choir


(3rd place at the composition competition of the „Wiener Damenchorverein“ in 1911)

  Air violin and organ
  Adagio violin and organ
  Arioso violin and piano
  Bauerntanz orchestra
  Andante religioso  
  Walzer piano
  Hochzeitsfest violin and piano
  Menuett violin and piano
  Frühlings-Morgenständchen violin and piano

Traunviertla Kirta


In my possession is the autograph manuscript of the piano reduction of "Traunviertla Kirta op.80" by Rudolf Muchsel. According to the manuscript the work is scored for choir, dance and orchestra and was composed in 1934. The composition presents scenes from a kermesse (a "Kirta") in the region of Lambach (called "Traunviertla" in Austria). The text is by Rudolf Muchsel himself and Leopold Steininger. The work is dedicated to Heinrich Gleissner, the governor of Upper Austria.

Enclosed to the manuscript is a clipping from the "Welser Zeitung" - a local newspaper - from 25 May 1934 that reports about the first performance of the work on 12 May 1934 in Lambach by the "Ortsgruppe der Vaterländischen Front". The article closes with the sentence: "The composer must have recognised from the jubilating audience that he had done an amazing work with this composition and he surely will find a publisher soon."


Time proved that Rudolf Muchsel did not find a publisher for this work and so I have typeset the score to present it here to the public:

PDF-Dokument [430.2 KB]

Konzert-Polonaise und Romanze


I my possession is also the autograph piano reduction of the Concert-Polonaise and Romance for violin and orchestra op.29 by Rudolf Muchsel. The work was composed in 1911 and first performed on 21 September 1912 by Rudolf Malcher (violin), the Badener Kurorchester and Hans Maria Wallner. It received several performance in the following years both in the original orchestra version and the piano reduction.

The autograph was kindly donated to me by the Muchsel family.

PDF-Dokument [1.0 MB]
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