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Karl Metz

Karl Metz was born on 29 February 1868 in Zeulenroda (Germany). His grandfather was a violin teacher and taught Karl Metz to play the violin from early age. He later finished school in Leipzig and Greiz and moved then to Berlin to study chemistry. After 3 semesters Karl Metz quit his studies in chemistry and switched to music. He successfully finished his studies in music theory, piano and organ at the conservatory in Frankfurt am Main.


After his studies he became the Kapellmeister of the "Kurkapelle Wiesbaden" and toured through Europe and Russia. It is said that Karl Metz met the famous pianist and composer Anton Rubinstein on a tour of his orchestra and Rubinstein advised him to focus on composing. So Karl Metz quit touring and became music director in Tannwald-Schumburg in 1893 and from 1898 on in Feldkirch. For many years Karl Metz worked in Feldkirch as the music director, he conducted the different orchestras and choirs in Feldkirch and founded the "Feldkircher Trio", a piano trio. In 1921 he quit his position as music director and focussed on composing. He finally died in Feldkirch on 17 December 1937.


Karl Metz composed in all genres: Symphonies, operas and operettas, chamber music (especially for his piano trio), marches, songs and also a violin concerto. The violin concerto dates from 1927 and is presented here.

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