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Tadeusz Machl

Tadeus Machl was on 22. October 1922 in Lvov. He started to play the piano at the age of 10. After finishing school in 1941 he received a scholarship to study piano, composition and organ at the Moscow Conservatory. But due to the start of the German-Soviet war he could not begin his studies there. He stayed in Lvov and took part of several clandestine concerts during the time of war. After World War II Tadeusz Machl moved to Cracow and studied at the Music Academy under Artur Malawski (composition), Feliks Wrobel (instrumentation) and Bronislaw Rutkowski (organ).


After his studies Tadeusz Machl first worked shortly as an editor at the Polish music publishing house "PWM Edition", but from 1952 he was a lecturer at the Cracow Music Academy and several other Cracow music schools until his retirement in 1998. He served as the dean of the faculty for music theory, composition and conducting at the Cracow Music Academy from 1967 to 1970, and after that became vice-rector of this institution. Tadeusz Machl received the professor title in 1976.


Beside his work as a lecturer Tadeusz Machl created compositions for all instrumentations and received several awards for his music, for example the Polish Gold Cross in general for his compositions and teaching and the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts Award in 1971 and 1990.


The Violin concerto by Tadeusz Machl was composed in 1960 and consists of 3 movements titled I. Recitativo: Allegro; II. Romanza and III. Allegro giocoso. The work was premiered in 1962 in Wroclaw and is published by the PWM Edition.


Tadeusz Machl died on 31. August 2003 in Cracow.

The work presented here is not the final version of the violin concerto by Tadeusz Machl. The final version is published by PWM Edition. The full score is still available for hire from them.


My manuscript must be an early version of the final version. First my manuscript is incomplete and consists of just 99 bars of the beginning of the violin concerto and second is differs significantly from the final version. For this reason I decided to put the score in a proper form and publish it for further research.


The differences between the early and the final version start with slight differences in the orchestration: The wood wind and brass sections are identical, but the final score changes some percussion instruments adds a cembalo and organ. The final version also calls for a larger string section, i.e. 14, 12, 12, 8, 6 (instead of 6, 5, 4, 3, 3 in my manuscript).

My manuscript is dedicated to Edward Statkiewicz (1921-1970), a Polish violinist.
In the final version no dedication is included at all.


The movements in the final version are I. Andante - Recit - Allegro, II. Romanza, III. Vivace. My manuscript says I. Recitativo - Allegro, II. Romanza, III. Allegro giocoso.


For a comparison of the two scores one needs to have the final version aside, but on one hand one can say that the earlier version clearly points to the final concerto. On the other hand Tadeusz Machl made substantial revisions and rearranged, added and deleted parts.


Finally my manuscript ends abruptly on page 15 with several blank pages following. On the back side of page 15 with pencil the puzzling phrase "czy wrzuciłeś kartki pocztowe pacjentki" (="Did you post the postcards of the patients?") are written at the top of the page. I have no clue what that means or why that is written there.

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