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2019-10-05: Babin: Etoiles

2019-10-05: Veerhoff: VC1

2019-09-10: Granier: song

2019-07-15: Lichtveld: Cancio

2019-06-03: Krivokapic: VC

2019-05-02: Beissel: Pas de Q

2019-04-29: Reuter: Cto grosso

2019-04-18: Luig: Suite

2019-04-16: Carow: VC

2019-04-10: Muench: PC

2019-03-30: Jongen: songs

2019-03-29: Straumer: work


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The list below shows all the composers and compositions that are available from my website in this section. Click on the name in the right side menu to go to the specific composer subpage. There you can find a biography and the score for free download.

Machl, Tadeusz: Violin concerto


Mancev, Tome: Violin concerto


Marteau, Henri: Andante for violin, Coelum verum for choir


Massimo, Leone: Elogio della Poesia, De Sancto Francisco


Materna, Leopold: small archive of compositions


Mather Spelman, Timothy: small archive


May, Helmut: archive of his compositions


McKimm, Barry: Violin/viola concerto


Menter, Eugenie: Just die Eine!, for male quartet


Metz, Karl: Violin concerto


Michael, Edward: Divertimento for piano


Mignone, Francisco: several songs


Mohaupt, Richard: Piano concerto


Moor, Karel: String quartet No.2


Muench, Gerhart: Piano concerto


Naef, Robert: Violin concertino


Nilson Fysher, Alfred: Petit Joujou


Noyon, Joseph: Requiem & L'enfance de l'Immaculee


Otsa, Harri: Violin concerto


Overeem, Mario van: Fantasie for violin and orchestra


Penkina, Alla: Violin concerto


Pfister, Henri: Notre Amour, for voices and chorus


Philippot, Michel: Romance d'Hallewyn


Piccoli, Georges: Poeme for violin and orchestra


Pirson, Alphonse: Evocante caresse, for violin and orchestra


Ploquin, Henri: Orchestral suite No.1


Popovici, Doru: Violin sonata & String quartet No.1


Prince Albrecht (son) of Prussia: Siegeshymnus


Prince Joachim Albrecht of Prussia: Tango & Der Schönsten


Rabsilber, Michael: Violin concerto


Rado, Aladar: Frühlingslied, for violin and piano


Reuter, Florizel von: several compositions


Richardson, Alan: Archive of manuscripts


Riederer, Rupert: Violin concerto


Riemann, Ernst: complete musical estate


Roeger, Josef: String quartet


Roetschi, Alban: Largo for violin and piano


Rose, John Luke: Violin sonata & Three meditations


Rutter, Valeriy: Romance and dance for violin and piano

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