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Carlo Loebnitz

Carlo Loebnitz was born on 8 December 1905 in Zürich (Switzerland). His father was contrabassist at the Tonhalle Orchestra and so it is likely that Carlo Loebnitz received an early musical education. After school he studied music at the conservatory in Zürich under Ferruccio Busoni (composition). After his studies Carlo Loebnitz first worked as a cellist but made a career as pianist in the light music genre. He later worked at the Studio Radio Bern as editor of light music shows and piano accompanist. Carlo Loebnitz died on 31 July 1970.


The work catalogue of Carlo Loebnitz contains a piano concerto, an operetta "Mannequin des Glücks" and many works for radio plays and light music shows. That includes dozens of songs as well as compositions for light orchestra. These manuscripts are mainly archived at the Zentralbibliothek Zürich where the estate of Carlo Loebnitz is preserved.


In my possession is the autograph manuscript of the work "Flying Cups (Fliegende Teller)" by Carlo Loebnitz. The score is undated, but the manuscript was part of the musical estate of Jan Broekhuis. Jan Broekhuis was active in Switzerland in the 1950s and 60s. So it is likely that the "Flying Cups" date from this time.

The work is set for piano, but there is a good chance that this composition was intended to be performed in a light orchestra show with additional attractions - like the ones Jan Broekhuis was staging.

This composition remains unpublished so far and there I am delighted to present the score here for information purposes (as well as the photo) with the kind permission of the daughter of Carlo Loebnitz.

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