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Alan Lighty

Alan Lighty was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1955. Early in his career he displayed a broad range of musical interests, from his performances of Early American Music and classical piano to his development as a composer. Lighty pursued his undergraduate studies at Philadelphia College for the Performing Arts and his Masters at Yale University. His compositions range from solo pieces to chamber and orchestral works which have been performed throughout the United States. A recipient of numerous awards, Lighty resides in New York City.


The Violin concerto was first composed in 1986 and consisted of a single movement. This first version received its premiere the same year with Eric Rosenblith and the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. In 1993 Alan Lighty composed two additional movements. These movements became the second and third part of the now final version. The premiere of this new version took place on 29 March 1993 again with Eric Rosenblith (violin), the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble under David Stock.

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A complete recording of the premiere of the final three movement version is available here:

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