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Abraham Lazansky

Abraham "Abe" Lazansky was born in 1915 in Freehold (New Jersey, USA). He went to Freehold High School and was some kind of a local violinist child prodigy. He later studied at the Juilliard School of Music and became the first violinist of the New York Ballet Theatre Orchestra. During World War II Abe Lazansky served as an X-ray technician at the 131th Infantry at Fort Brady and in the last days was a member of the Infantry Concert Group, a 22-strong ensemble with conductor Richard Freitas and violin soloist Alvin Rudnitsky that toured through the US in 1945. In 1942 he married pianist Helen Crenshaw and he was also the founder of the "Luzanne Trio". There is no information when Abraham Lazansky has died.


The Violin concertino exists only in piano reduction and it is unknown when Abraham Lazansky composed the work.

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