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Johannes Kurth

Johannes Kurth was born on 11 April 1899 in Berlin (Germany). It is little known about his life, but he surely studied organ and church music because Johannes Kurth became the cantor of the Erlösergemeinde in Berlin-Moabit in 1924 and stayed in this position till his passing in 1960. In 1936 Johannes Kurth was also the music director of the "Orchester Berliner Musikfreunde".


In my possession are 5 autograph music manuscripts by Johannes Kurth. The compositions are:

  • op.38: Präludium und Fuge, for organ (1931)
  • op.39: Piano trio (1932)
  • op.40: Sonata for violin and organ (1932)
  • op.42: Sonata for violin and piano (1933)
  • op.45: Sonata for violin and organ (1933)

There is no information about the other compositions from the work catalogue of Johannes Kurth and it seems that none of his works was ever published. But Johannes Kurth also made organ arrangements of songs by Bach, Händel and others which were published by Robert Lienau.


I could not find any information about the actual copyright holders of Johannes Kurth. I got information that he was not married and had no children, so it is uncertain who is in possession of the copyright now. But if you are the actual copyright holder and read this, please get in touch with me. Meanwhile I present some scores of the works by Johannes Kurth here:

PDF-Dokument [171.3 KB]
PDF-Dokument [453.5 KB]
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