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Ayme Kunc

Aymé Kunc was born on 20 January 1877 in Toulouse (France) into a musical family. Both his parents had studied music, his father Aloys Kunc was a professor at the conservatory in Toulouse, his mother Henriette Dargein was a professional pianist who had studied with Louise Farrenc and Cesar Franck. So Aymé Kunc received his first music lessons from his parents, later he studied first at the conservatory in Toulouse, later at the Conservatoire de Paris under Charles Lenepveu. In 1902 Aymé Kunc won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome with his cantata "Alcyone". After his return from Rome he became conductor at the "Théâtre Apollo" in Paris and in 1914 he was named the director of the conservatory in Toulouse. Aymé Kunc held this position for 30 years until his retirement. Aymé Kunc died on 13 February 1958 in Toulouse.


Among the compositions are orchestral works, orchestral pieces with solo instruments like violin, flute or piano, an opera "Les Esclaves", ballets, chamber music with 2 string quartets and a violin sonata, songs, cantatas, organ and sacred music.

In my possession is an autograph manuscript of the "Tristesse pour flute et petite orchestre" which is the second part of the "Quatre pieces pour flute et petite orchestre". The complete works consists of I. Éveil, II. Tristesse, III. Idyle and IV. Lucioles. My manuscript has a stamp from the registration of the French author's rights society in 1926. The movement "Tristesse" is scored for solo flute and string orchestra, but I also have two autograph manuscripts of piano reductions.

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