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Kenneth Klauss

Kenneth Karl Klauss was born 8 April 1923 in Parkston (South Dakota, USA). His childhood showed interest in many enthusiasms, not necessarily in the field of music, which area finally became his all-consuming occupation. His participation in the musical life of the Parkston Schools gave him a solid grounding in the area of performance, primarily as a pianist and accompanist. His maternal forbears were musically active. His uncle Carl Engel was a professor at Union College in Lincoln (Nebraska), having a campus building there named in his honor. Kenneth Klauss eldest sister, Mabel Klauss Anderson was a member of the Thurlow Lieurance "Chatauqua" Touring Company in the early 1920s. Kenneth spent his first two years at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln Music School, and finished the work on a degree at the University of Southern California. His work there with the Viennese composer Ernst Toch was a great influence in developing his own style of expression, since Toch was particulary encouraging to the development of individuality.
His musical career consisted mainly of work in the world of private instruction and free-lance seminars involving theory, composition, and history of music. His manuscripts, books, and record collections are housed in the "Klauss Archive" in Parkston (South Dakota).

The Concerto for violin and orchestra was composed in 1969. In my personal opinion the work is one of the finest violin concertos of the 20th century and therefore part of my precious recommendation list. I am proud and honoured to present here the full score as well as a recording of the complete work:

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