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Peter Griesbacher

Peter Griesbacher was born on 25 March 1964 in Egglham (Germany). He studied theology in Passau and ordained in 1886. He then worked as a chaplain in Passau-Mariahilf, Aholming, Wegscheid and Kirchberg on the Inn. At that time many casual music compositions were created.


In 1894 Peter Griesbacher became music prefect at the training college in Regensburg. In 1911 he continued his musical teaching at the local church music school where he lectured counterpoint, musical form and stylistics. In addition Peter Griesbacher became first vicar, canon and finally dean of the collegiate church St. Johann in Regensburg. Peter Griesbacher died on 28 January 1933 in Regensburg (Germany).


Peter Griesbacher composed predominantly Catholic church music. He played an important role in the transition of Catholic church music from the 19th to the 20th century. He created about 300 works, including 40 masses. Peter Griesbacher also published writings on church music, including a comprehensive four-part book on stylistics and forms in church music.


In my possession is an autograph manuscript of a "Fuga" for organ by Peter Griesbacher. The manuscript came from the estate of Imre Szendrei (1887-1967), conductor and composer from Kalocsa who studied under Peter Griesbacher in Regensburg. The manuscript includes a note by Imre Szendrei that says: "Note. Peter Griesbacher was my teacher at the church music school in Regensburg. He wrote this example fugue for my organ collection at my request. Imre Szendrei. Extract from Volume IV." The last hint could point to the fourth part of his book on church music and that this fugue is already published there.

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