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Noël Gallon

Noël Gallon was born on 11 September 1891 in Paris (France). He studied piano (under Isidor Philipp and Edouard Risler) and theory (under Georges Caussade and Charles Lenepveu) at the Paris Conservatory. In 1910 Noël Gallon won the Prix de Rome for his cantata "Acis et Galathee". In 1920 he joined his brother Jean Gallon as a teacher at the Paris Conservatory where he lectured solfege, counterpoint and fugue. And like his brother and despite the fact that he won the renowned Prix de Rome Noël Gallon is today best remembered as the teacher of manifold important French and foreign composers. Among his notable students are Olivier Messiaen, Henri Dutilleux, Lukas Foss, Maurice Durufle, Yvonne Desportes, Charley Chaynes, Marcel Landowski, Ulvi Cemal Erkin, Claude Arrieu, Antoine Tisne, Tony Aubin, Raymond Gallois-Montbrun, Odette Gartenlaub, Claude Ballif, Jean Hubeau, Serge Lancen and Alain Weber. Noël Gallon died on 26 December 1966 in Paris (France).


The importance of Noël Gallon as a paedagogue of many of the most distinguished French composers of the 20th century masks his significance as a composer. His catalogue includes  an orchestral suite, a fantasy for piano and orchestra, a concerto for 3 wind instruments and orchestra, the cantata "Acis et Galathee", a ballet "Hansli le Bossu" (composed together with his brother Jean Gallon), the opera "Paysans et Soldats", a fantasy for harp, suite for flute and piano, piano works and vocal music.


In my possession are autograph manuscripts that belong to the work "Recueillement, for flute and piano or organ". The work was published by Alphonse Leduc in 1951 in this instrumentation, but the compositions dates back from at least 1929. I could trace a broadcasting of Recueillement through the radio station "Tour Eiffel" on 17 March 1929 with Paul Remond (flute). Interestingly the work then was scored for flute and string quartet. And that fact matches with my manuscripts because the cover page bears the title "Recueillement - pièce pour flûte ou violon avec accompagnement de quatuor à cordes (avec contrebasse ad libitum) ou d'orgue ou de piano". Part of my collection are the handwritten scores for flute/violin and piano/organ as well as two working manuscripts for different versions for violin/flute part plus three staves in treble, bass and bass clef.

Additionally I own a copy of the published score of "Gavotte et Minuettino, for piano" and several copies of a privately published cello part (ad libitum) for "L'album de Sandra Vol. II", a work originally scored for violin and piano.

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