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2022-04-20: Schiffmann

2022-02-08: Kopsch

2022-02-05: Berghout

2022-01-29: Hungar

2021-10-09: Courvoisier

2021-09-26: Desormiere

2021-09-18: Pascal: Marche

2021-08-20: Broekhuis

2021-08-19: Loebnitz

2021-07-25: Babin: songs

2021-07-19: Chailley: works

2021-05-28: Conte: Cantata


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The list below shows all the composers and compositions that are available from my website in this section. Click on the name in the right side menu to go to the specific composer subpage. There you can find a biography and the score for free download.

Gabriel, Wolfgang: Violin concerto


Gadsch, Herbert: Violin concerto


Gallon, Jean: Viviane, Berceuse pour Guy


Gallon, Noel: Recueillement


Gardelli, Lamberto: Sonata-fantasia for violin and piano


Gedalge, Andre: Rondeau d'Oreste


Geißler, Siegfried: Violin concerto No.2


Georgi, Martin: String quartet


Gerber, Jacques: Six petites pieces, for piano


Gerspacher, August Emanuel: Violin concerto


Gerster, Ottmar: two songs


Gieseler, Walter: Violin concerto


Göhler, Georg: Violin concertos No.1 and No.2


Granier, Albert-Paul: Absente, for voice and piano


Grenz, Artur: Sinfonietta


Griffiths, Herbert: String quartet


Grove, Stefans: String quartet


Gummer, Phyllis: archive of her compositions


Haentjes, Werner: Clarinet quintet, Violin concerto


Hamel, Peter Michael: Ballade for marimba


Hamlin, Charles Francis: Violin concerto


Haubiel, Charles: Nocturne for violin and piano


Hausmann, Theodor: Cello sonata


Heger, Robert: 5 Gesänge nach Versen von Lotte Lehmann


Heiß, Hermann: Violin concerto, Composition for violin solo


Hempel, Rolf: Dialog, for flute and organ


Henkemens, Hans: Violin concerto


Henschel, George: Elegy for violin and orchestra


Herre, Max: Impromptu & Fantasie


Herrmann, Karl: String quartet No.6


Holbrooke, Joseph: Dramatic overture "1914", for brass band


Holenia, Hanns: opera "Viola" - final quartet


Indy, Vincent d': Andante for piano and violin


Ipuche Riva, Pedro: Evocacion for violin and orchestra


Jahr, Heinz: Rondo capriccioso, for violin and orchestra


Järvilehto, Eero: Violin concerto No.1


Jongen, Joseph: several songs


Juergensohn, Alfred: Piano pieces


Käch, Hugo: String trio


Kallenberg, Siegfried: Fantasie nach einer Dichtung von Horvath


Karthaus, Werner: String quartet


Kästl, Max: Violin concerto


Katzer, Georg: String quartet


Keller, Erich: archive of his compositions


Kickton, Erika: two songs


Klauss, Kenneth: Violin concerto


Koeberg, Frits: Pastorale for oboe and orchestra


Köhler, Oscar: Romance for violin and orchestra


Komauer, Edwin: Violin concerto


Kondor, Lipot: Piano suite


Kontarsky, Aloys: String quartet


Kowalski, Max: Ihre Locken, for voice and piano


Kreiser, Kurt: Adagio for violin and piano


Krivokapic, Igor: Violin concerto


Kunc, Ayme: Tristesse, for flute and orchestra


Kurth, Johannes: small archive of compositions


Lancen, Serge: Trois Impromptus, for piano


Landre, Guillaume: Violin concerto


Lange, Kurt: two piano compositions


Langheinrich, Wilhelm: Violin concerto


Lazansky, Abraham: Violin concertino


Leibowitz, Rene: the Aelberts archive


Le Roux, Maurice: 2 pieces dodecaphoniqes, for piano


Lessner, George: A poem, for violin and orchestra


Levy, Ernst: Symphony No.5 for violin, trumpet and orchestra


Lichtveld, Lou: oratorio "Cancio mistica"


Lighty, Alan: Violin concerto


Lissauer, Fritz: Violin concerto


Litzelmann, Erwin: Der Postillon, for voice and piano


Loebnitz, Carlo: Flying Cups


Luig, Albert: Suite for orchestra No.1


Lusk, Milan: Dream song, for violin and orchestra

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