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Edoardo Farner

Edoardo Farner was a Swiss composer in the first half of the 20th century. Although some of his compositions were published and recorded, I could not find very much about him, his life and work. And so I present here his piecemeal biography and the content of his estate for information purposes. If you know more about Edoardo Farner, I would be pleased if you will share this information with me.


Edoardo Farner (also Edouard Farner) was born around 1895 most likely in the canton Ticino in Switzerland. He studied dentistry at the University of Geneva and earned a doctor's degree in this profession in 1927. He was founding member of the "Association des Medecins Dentistes de Geneve".

Edoardo Farner must have been musically educated because around 1940 he started to compose. At that time he still lived in Geneva at the "18, rue de Carouge".

He created a pseudonym for his compositions from the first letters of his given and family name and signed his works as "Faredo". He mainly composed songs and chansons, a few piano and instrumental works. Some of these works were published by a Genevan publisher called "Edition Vogert". And his composition "Peppina bella!" was recorded by the Orchestra Allegro with tenor Libero de Luca and released on a shellac record. The manuscripts show no composition that was composed after 1950, so Edoardo Farner must have stopped composing at that time for unknown reason.

In the 1940s Edoardo Farner was president of the association "Pro Ticino" in Geneva.

Edoardo Farner died on 20 February 1979 in Geneva (Switzerland).



Work catalogue of Edoardo Farner:

year title additional information

Liberi e Svizzeri

• Mazurka for piano op.2

• autograph manuscript

• Composed in February 1940 in Geneva according to the manuscript


Passa la bicicletta

• Canzone-valzer popolare di attualita, for voice and piano op. 5

• autograph manuscript

• text by Gedeone

• Exists also in a translation in French done by Edoardo Farner and titled „Voila l'velo qui passe“.


Oh, Mariettina!

• Cancone-Marica militare, for voice and piano op.7

• also titled „Oh, Marinette!“

• text by Gedeone, translated by Edoardo Farner

• The work was published by the Edition Vogert in Geneve.

• I also own the autograph manuscript of the piano part. The published score says that the work was premiered by Carlo Bertossa.


Dernier tango

• for voice and piano op.8

• text by Jita Stella

• I own only the published score by the Edition Vogert in Geneva.


Valse indigo

• for voice and piano op.9

• text by Jita Stella

• I own several autograph manuscripts as well as parts for a different accompaniment by alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, violin and contrabass.



• Tango cancion, for voice and piano op.10

• autograph manuscript without text

• Also published by Edition Vogert in Geneve in a different version. I only have parts for bandoneon and contrabass and don't know if that is a complete or incomplete set.


La lezione dell'amore!

• for voice and piano op.11

• text by Edoardo Farner

• Two autograph manuscripts, one bearing the stamp of the SUISA, the Swiss Authors Rights Society, from 27 February 1945.


Je suis niais

• Chansonette comique, for voice and piano op.12

• text by Edoardo Farner

• Autograph manuscript of the piano accompaniment, and typewritten text. A full score is missing.

• The piano manuscript says that the work was premiered by Paul Mercey.


Au coin d'une rue

• for voices and piano op.13

• text by Edoardo Farner

• Several autograph manuscripts, one bearing the stamp of the SUISA, the Swiss Authors Rights Society, from 27 February 1945.

• The manuscripts also says that the work was premiered by Nita Ray.


Pour toi, pour moi, pour nous...

• for voices and piano op.15

• text by Ruy-Blag

• Several autograph manuscripts, also in an Italian version „Per te, per me, per noi“.


Su cantem!

• Canzone della Corale, for voices and piano op.16

• autograph manuscript

• text by J. Monti

• I also own a printed score of the work. Maybe a private release because a publisher's name is missing. Only the note that the printing was made by „Inkograph Process Service“.


Rendez-vous a Geneve

• Chanson en mouvement de valse, for voices

• text by Denise Chantois

• several autograph manuscripts of the work

• One manuscript gives the information that the work was composed in May 1945 for the composition competition „Geneve cherche une chanson“ and that it is dedicated to the „Interets de Geneve“.


Une nuit d'amour encore!

• for voices and piano

• two autograph manuscripts, one giving the composition date November 1949.

• text author unknown


Peppina bella!

• for voice and orchestra

• text by Gedeone

• autograph manuscripts of the orchestral parts of alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bariton saxophone, trombone, trumpet, violin, contrabass and percussion. The text and the full score are missing.


Primole rosse

• Mazurka for piano

• autograph manuscript


Inno della „Pro Ticino“

• for choir with two voices and piano

• autograph manuscript

• text by Elio Bossi

• The manuscript has the dedication „A tutti i ticinesi emigrati“.



• for piano

• autograph manuscript


L'e l'ültima canzon

• for voices and piano

• also titled "C'est la derniere chanson"

• text by Edoardo Farner

• several autograph manuscripts



• for orchestra

• autograph manuscripts, but I have only parts for contrabass, 1st violins, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trombone and trumpet


Inno al Vessillo

• for voice and accompaniment

• autograph manuscript

• text by Giovanni Monti

• I own only a manuscript of the accompaniment by an unnamed instrument. The text and a full score are missing.


Giuochi (Jeux!)

• for voice and piano

• text by Gedeone

• autograph manuscript, but I own only the manuscript of the piano accompaniment, the full score and the text are missing.



• for piano

• unfinished composition

• autograph manuscript


Petite Entree au Ballet de Mai

• for piano

• unfinished composition

• autograph manuscript

La Goccia

Typewritten text of a poem called „La Goccia“. It is unknown if the poem is by Edoardo Farner and if it was used for a composition. The first line of the poem is: „La, sulle vette della Leventina“.

Due to the fact that there is so little known about Edoardo Farner and especially about his compositions I present here a few of his works for information purposes:

PDF-Dokument [62.8 KB]
PDF-Dokument [60.7 KB]
PDF-Dokument [86.1 KB]

Other composers


In addition to his own compositions the estate of Edoardo Farner contained the following scores by other composers:


  • Ernst Levy (1895-1891): Fifth symphony for violin, piano and orchestra (1925). Autograph piano reduction by Gertrud Kelterborn.

  • A. Merault (?-?): C'est un bapteme, for piano (1943). Autograph manuscript. Dedicated to Edoardo Farner.

  • A. Merault (?-?): Fa Re Do, for piano. Autograph manuscript

  • G. Melilli (?-?): Inno Goliardico, for voices and piano. Text by Gizzi-Rava. Handwritten score most likely by a copyist.

  • Ernest Viollier (?-?): Valseuse – Fantaisie pour chant et piano (1880). Text by Jules Cougnard. Handwritten score most likely by a copyist.

  • Jean Ruata (?-?): Sei bella Patria mia, for voices and guitar. Private copy of the score.

  • Unknown composer: Canzone dei Vendemmiatori, for SATB chorus

    I own the four parts for soprano, alto, tenor and bass and none of them bears a composer name. The handwriting is slightly different to the other manuscripts by Edoardo Farner, so it is uncertain if the composition is by him.

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