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Walter Eilers

It is little known about the composer Walter Eilers. I wrote together all the information I could find. So if you know more about him, I would be pleased if you share these details with me.


Walter Eilers was born on 12 January 1896 in Hamburg (Germany). He studied at the universities of Hamburg and Berlin. I could not find any information about the activities of Walter Eilers. But there are a few references to his compositions: The musical "Malayische Träume" by Walter Eilers with a text by Konny Thoss was premiered at the Städtische Bühnen Münster on 9 June 1951. And some of his compositions were published by Sikorski and other publishing houses.
The "Tonkünstler-Lexikon" by Frank & Altmann from 1936 reports that Walter Eilers also used the pseudonyms "John Walter" and "Eilers-Welter".
It is unknown when Walter Eilers deceased.


In my possession is a small collection of autograph musical manuscripts by Walter Eilers. This collection include:


  • concert waltz "Musenkinder"
    My archive contains the autograph full score of the composition scored for large orchestra as well nearly all parts. I also own the autograph full score of the version for small orchestra of this composition.
  • Meine Frau, der Lausbub
    Schwankoperette in 3 Akten (roughly translated: droll story operetta in 3 parts), text by Konny Thoss and Bernhard Müller. Composed around 1945.
    My archive contains a piano reduction of the complete operetta, originally published through Capitol Verlag in Berlin, later distributed through Bühnenverlag Julius Feuchtinger and finally through Efte-Verlag.
    In addition there are libretti for the non-singing parts "Benno" and "Adele".
    The archive also contains instrumental parts for the "Paso doble" from the operetta as well as some, but not all parts for the complete operetta.
  • Malayische Träume
    My archive contains two scenes from the musical in autograph full score, these are the scenes 5 and 6. In addition I own the complete part for violin II in copy and several autograph sketches and incomplete parts.
  • several incomplete manuscripts that belong to an unknown operetta or opera. It includes the role names: Isa, Gabriele, Rudolf, Reckling, Wotan, Paul, Käte.


Below one can find the full score for the concert waltz "Musenkinder" in the version for small orchestra:

PDF-Dokument [570.3 KB]

Due to the fact that there is little known about Walter Eilers, I would like to present here a work catalogue with all the compositions I could trace in books and libraries:


  • Serenade for orchestra "Zärtliche Begegnung" (1940)
  • Sei mein: Hast du schon ein Nachtquartier? (1944)
  • operetta "Meine Frau, der Lausbub" (~1945)
  • musical "Malayische Träume" (1951)
  • Katz und Maus (1952)
  • Menuett (1955)
  • Concert waltz "Musenkinder", for orchestra (~1957)
  • Ich such' 'ne Kleine
  • New York - Berlin
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