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Gordon Davis

Gordon Davis was a British organist, composer and music teacher. He must have been born around 1900. It is known that he was assistant music-master at Brighton College in 1935 and became director of the Brighton School of Music in 1958. Gordon Davis was also organist at the Holy Trinity Church in Brighton as well as worked as a journalist for the journal "The Penman". A composition by him called "La rose d'amour: Valse for pianoforte" was published in London by W. Paxton in 1924.


In my possession is the autograph music manuscript by Gordon Davis. It is the incidental music to the play "X-O: A Night of the Trojan War" by John Drinkwater. The play by Drinkwater was written in 1917. In 1936 the Brighton College brought the work on stage and Gordon Davis composed a prelude, 3 interludes and a postlude for solo cello and string quartet. The manuscript was found in the estate of the Drinkwater family and was accompanied by a handwritten letter by Gordon Davis, asking why John Drinkwater did not come back to him about the music. Therefore it is unknown if the incidental music was ever performed or not. For information purposes one can find the score of the music below:

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