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Andre David

Andre David was born on 2 February 1922 in Algiers (at that time France, now Algeria). His father Maurice David was a teacher for literature and in contact with many writers of his time. Among his acquaintances was also the composer Darius Milhaud. These were early encounters with the musical world for Andre David and maybe started his interest in music. After his baccalaureat in Algiers Andre David began to study both music (under Maurice le Boucher) and medicine in Montpellier. He finished both fields of study and took the chance to complete his musical studies under Noel Gallon in Paris after World War II.


After his studies Andre David earned a living from his work as a pneumologist. But he continued to perform as a pianist and wrote music in his leisure time. Over the decades he created a large work catalogue including an opera "Rodolphe", "Ortive" and "Rai II" for symphony orchestra, the piano concertos "Decan" and "Eunode", the cantata "Le Chene de lumiere", much chamber music like a string trio, a piano trio "Tempo di trio", "Anaglyphe" for violin and piano, "Monisme" for violin or "Profil d'orgues" for three organs as well as vocal music like "La mere et le roi" for soprano, piano and string quartet.

Andre David died on 5 June 2007 in Paris (France).


The composition "Ortive pour orchestre symphonique" was composed in 1988. It was premiered on 13 July 1991 under the direction of Jean-Jacques Werner at the Blue Lake Festival in Twin Lake (Michigan, USA).

I recently found a copy of the unpublished score with a handwritten letter by Andre David to an unknown conductor who was interested in the work. This led to my contact to the wife of Andre David who gave me her permission to publish the score here for information purposes:

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