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Henri Casadesus

Henri Casadesus was born on 30 September 1879 in Paris (France) into a highly musical family. He studied under Albert Lavignac (harmony) and Theophile Laforge (viola) at the Paris conservatory.


After his studes Henri Casadesus founded together with other musicians of his family the "Societe des Instruments Anciens". This small ensemble performed forgotten or lost compositions by long-dead composers on historical instruments like the viola da gamba or viola d'amore. The ensemble became infamous for presenting "lost compositions" by major composers like Mozart, Händel or C.P.E. Bach which were in fact composed by Henri Casadesus or his brother Marius. Over the years the fake was discovered little by little and today these works are correctly attributed to the Casadesus brothers.

Beside this fraud Henri Casadesus also performed as violist in the Capet Quartet and published compositions under his own name. His work catalogue contains several operas, two divertissements for orchestra, chamber and vocal music as well as some film scores.

Henri Casadesus died on 31 May 1947 in Paris (France).

Aria de la Suite en sol


In my possession is the autograph manuscript of the "Aria de la Suite en sol" by Henri Casadesus. This is a small composition scored for cello and piano (or organ). On the title page the work is dedicated to her Highness the Princess of Thurn and Taxis and dated 28 August 1911.

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