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Stefan Carow

Stefan Carow was born in Berlin, East Germany on November 23, 1957. After high school (Abitur) and a three-year service in the GDR-Navy, Carow studied from 1979-1986 at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, first jazz and rock vocals, then classical composition with Prof. Ruth Zechlin – and afterward as her master student at the Akademie der Künste der DDR. In 1988 he won the 1st Busoni Composition Award of the Akademie der Künste in West Berlin, sponsored by Prof. Aribert Reimann.

Since 1989 he has lived in Los Angeles. Compositions have been performed, a.o. at Cabrillo Music Festival 1991 - “Five Pieces for Orchestra” was conducted by JoAnn Falletta, and in Germany, a.o. at the music festivals Gewandhaustage Leipzig, Inventionen’94 Berlin, as well as Steirischer Herbst 1987 in Austria on invitation by Hans Werner Henze. In April 2019, together with Vicki Ray, piano, Carow, vocals, performed the world premiere of his evening filling multi-media work “21 Bricks” for piano solo, poetry and progressive rock commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at the Wende Museum in Los Angeles.

Additional works include the chamber music cycle “Wandlungen,” consisting of 4 compositions for various instrumentations – from string quartet to a 14-piece chamber ensemble, the solo piece for alto flute “Eruptions,” since February 2019 repeatedly performed by Los Angeles based flutist Sara Andon, a “Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp,” the chamber orchestra work, “Assimilations,” as well as five orchestra compositions including the “Violin Concerto.”
Stefan Carow is also the composer for 8 feature films as well as for 4 TV series.


In 2017 he founded the progressive rock band DAYS OF NIGHT to perform his conception work “The Warrior.” For more info, please visit:

The Violin concerto by Stefan Carow was composed in 1991. It still awaits its world premiere and for this reason I am pleased to present the full score of this composition to interested musicians:

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