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Bela Avasi

Bela Avasi was born on 20 July 1922 in Budapest (Hungary). He studied at the Franz Liszt Academy under Sandor Veress, Ferenc Szabo and Ferenc Farkas and completed his studies under Zoltan Kodaly and Lajos Bardos with an emphasis on folk music in 1951.

Bela Avasi first worked at the Ethnographic Museum in Budapest and researched on folk music under Eva Gabor, Laszlo Lajhta, Benjamin Rajeczky and Lajos Vargyas. In 1961 he was appointed head of the music section of the education faculty at the university in Szeged, a position he held until 1973. Beside his teaching activities Bela Avaasi published many articles on folk music in renowned journals like Acta Ethnografica, Studia Musicologica or Neprajzi Ertesitö. He also published books, his best known one on music history "Rococo, early romanticism, First Viennese School" is still used today. Bela Avasi died on 14 April 2002 in Budapest (Hungary).


Bela Avasi composed only a few works which are all inspired by his research on folk music. The main part of his catalogue remains unpublished and contains piano works and songs.

In my possession are 3 autograph manuscripts by Bela Avasi: a Duo for flute and violin, a Piece for piano 4 hands and Variations on four notes for piano.


It seems that none of these compositions are published and that there is no other archive that takes care of these works by Bela Avasi. For that reason I decided to publish these compositions for information purposes.

Duo for flute and violin

The Duo for flute and violin (fuvola-hegedű duo) was composed in 1977. It consists of three small movements. I have no information if the work ever received a premiere.

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