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2017-12-22: Keller: works

2017-12-15: Elmahmoudi: VC

2017-12-14: Mancev: VC

2017-12-10: De Pastel: VC

2017-11-16: Rose: Sonata

2017-10-26: Fordell: op.37

2017-10-23: Käch: Trio

2017-10-15: Haentjes: VC

2017-10-09: Grové: SQ

2017-08-01: Bauer: VC


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The list below shows all the composers and compositions that are available from my website in this section. Click on the name in the right side menu to go to the specific composer subpage. There you can find a biography and the score for free download.

Bantelmann, Wilhelm: Europa-Festmarsch, for symphonic wind orchestra


Bartels, Wolfgang von: Violin concerto


Bartos, Frantisek: String quartet


Bauer, Anton: small archive including the Violin concerto


Böttcher, Willy: String quartet


Bradley, Desmond: Violin concerto


Buchal, Hermann: Violin concerto


Bullerian, Hans: Violin concerto


Büttner, Max: Trio, Serenade & Totantanz


Cremin, Arthur T.: American concerto fantasy, for violin and orchestra


De Pastel, Karen: Concertante for violin and string orchestra


Demuth, Norman: Piano concerto


Dennington, Arthur: String quartet and Piano quintet


Domhardt, Gerd: String quartet


Dregert, Alfred: Zieh' hinaus, for voice and piano


Erlanger, Frederic d': Violin concerto


Elmahmoudi, Karim: Solemn Prologue for solo violin and strings


Ertel, Jean Paul: Concerto for the violin alone


Exton, John: Fantasy for violin and piano


Ezaki, Kenjiro: Symphonic poem "Japanese scenery", for orchestra


Felsenfeld, Daniel: Bad Coffee Serenade, for violin and orchestra


Fordell, Erik: Vedenhaltija, for string orchestra


Fourestier, Louis: A saint Valery, for piano four hands

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