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2017-05-20: Werner: VC

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2017-04-26: Riederer: VC

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2017-03-21: Gadsch: VC

2017-03-20: Ipuche Riva


rare manuscripts

To preserve the compositions for concertante violin of the 20th century I am highly interested in finding manuscripts, scores or parts of unpublished works for this instrumentation. I typeset these manuscripts into the computer and create pdf-files of the full scores which can be downloaded free of charge at the following sites!


Of course my main interest are violin concertos and you can find several works unter the violin concerto section!


I am also the archive for several musical estates of composers, i.e. Carlos Veerhoff, Helmut May, Phyllis Gummer and Adolf Sigmundt. You can find individual sites for each composer and all their works by clicking on the submenue on the right side.


Through my research I also received manuscripts of compositions which are not violin concertos. To make them traceable for performers and musicologists, I list them here as well. I devided these works into a "violin" and "non-violin" section. You can find them by clicking on the bars at the right side.



And finally a note about copyrights: Some of music presented here in pdf scores is still under copyright! But I tried to find the copyright holders and always failed. Also these compositions only exist in the manuscript form that I own, so if I keep them in my drawer, nobody ever will see and hear the music. I don't want that and therefore make the works available. If you are a copyright holder of any of the music presented here and feel your rights violated, please drop me a line and I will delete the relevant files.

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