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items for sale

Sometimes I buy larger manuscript or score collections with my only interest in a few specific items. That leaves other items over and in some cases these leftovers are interesting, rare or precious documents, but nevertheless don't fit to my research and collections. Then I would like to find a better home for these items and sell them here. If you are interested in any of these items, please send me a message via my contact page.

Autographs, signed scores, unusual items



1) Official program of a concert at the Argentinian Embassy in Rio de Janeiro on 21 October 1948. 8vo, folded, on thick cardboard, printed by "Papelaria Paul Nathan - Rio". Performers at the concert were Wanda Werminska, Eduardo Cittanti, Elizabeth Thompson and Otto Jordan.


2) Hannivoort, Hendrik Willem: String quartet. Study score. Paris: Maurice Senart 1925, 49 pages. With autograph dedication to Ernst Schwanzara, undated. 49 pages


3) Weiner, Stanley: Sonatina for violin and piano op.69. Berlin: Bote & Bock 1977, 26 pages + 11 pages violin part. With autograph dedication to his "friend Hedi", dated April 1978.


4) (Wolfsohn, Georg) - Opfer, Fanny: Abends, wann der Regen fällt. Autograph music manuscript by the soprano Fanny Opfer (1870-1944) of the original composition by Georg Wolfsohn, dated 1934. 4 pages.


5) Badings, Henk: postcard with copy of handwritten small song composition by Henk Badings for his friends (words: "with all good wishes and warmest greetings from Henk and Hetty Badings this fourpart canon ad infinitum is resounding."). Verso an autograph signature by Henk Badings. Postcard is addresses to the violinist Wolfgang Rösch. Obviously an unpublished composition by Badings, so quite interesting.


6) Foss, Lukas: Autograph Musical Quotation signed from the composition "Time cycle". Eight measures on 8vo.


7) Goepfart, Karl: Legende - Ballade für Männerchor a cappella. Potsdam: Verlag Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 13 II, 5. Auflage. 6 pages, 4vo. Autograph dedication and signature on the front cover.


8) Reiff, Friedrich (1821-1885): Festlied zur fünften Stiftungsfeier des Freien Deutschen Hochstiftes, für Männerchor. Autograph music manuscript of the composition, published by Christian Friedrich Will in Darmstadt in 1864.


9) Guy d'Auberval (pseudonym of Aloysio de Castro, 1881-1959): Enchantement, for voice and piano. Rio de Janeiro: Casa Bevilacqua 1929, 2nd edition. Autograph signature of the composer with his real name on the front cover.


10) Rövenstrunck, Bernhard: Divertimento, for flute and guitar. private copy of the autograph manuscript, leporello fold, 8 pages. With autograph dedication by the composer to the performers of the premiere: Gabriele Zimmermann (flute) and Barbara Polasek (guitar). With owner stamp of Gabriele Zimmermann and her personal markings inside the score.


11) Tittel, Ernst: Deutsches Te Deum op.9a. Düsseldorf: Schwann. With autograph dedication on the front page to Prof. Dr. Franz Kosch, dated 9.3.1939


12) Landowski, Marcel: L'Opera de Poussiere - Drama lyrique. Piano reduction. Paris: Choudens 1960. 201 pages. With autograph dedication by Marcel Landowski, undated.


13) Maasz, Gerhard: Divertimento, for flute, 2 violins, viola and cello. Hamburg: Sikorski 1955. 12 pages + parts for flute, violin I, violin II, viola and cello. With autograph dedication by Gerhard Massz to flutist Gabriele Zimmermann, dated Christmas 1955


14) Maasz, Gerhard: Concertino for flute, violin, cello and harpsichord. Kassel: Bärenreiter 1960. 23 pages + parts for flute, violin and cello. With autograph dedication by Gerhard Maasz to flutist Gabriele Zimmermann, dated Christmas 1960.


15) Eisenmann, Will: Ballade I op. 53 and Ballade II op.74, both for flute and piano. Handwritten fair copies in the hand of the second wife Eva of the composer. The Ballade II has also an autograph dedication by Will Eisenmann to Gabriele Zimmermann. 5 pages + part (Ballade I) and 8 pages + part (Ballade II)


16) Döhl, Friedhelm: Cubecracks, for 4 percussionsts. Private copy of the score, unbound. With autograph dedication by Friedhelm Döhl, dated 1.9.1996.


17) Sonninen, Ahti: Collection of six signed scores. All scores were dedicated to Marketta Benn (nee Ormala) (and later also to her husband John Benn) and span a period of more than 2 decades. The set includes:

  • Olis Onni Ostaminen, for chorus. Published by "No.5 Sulasolin Helsingin piirin ohlelmistoa". Dedicated to Marketta, dated 1953
  • Suurkaupungissa (In the big city), for piano op.43. Copy of the autograph score. 19 pages. Dedication to Marketta, dated 1957
  • Partita IV, for recorders op.61d. Helsinki: Fazer 1962. Dedication to Marketta and John, dated 1962
  • Musik for recorder trio. Helsinki: Fazer 1962. Dedication to Marketta and John, dated 1962
  • Kolme karakteria, for piano. 8 pages. Dedication to Marketta and John, dated 1972
  • Suurkaupungissa (In the big city), for piano op.43. Copy of the autograph score. 19 pages. Dedication to Marketta and John, dated 1973


18) Tolonen, Jouko: From Sibelius to the Present. Typoscript of a text about the Finnish composers since Sibelius to the last composers which here is Einojuhani Rautavaara and Usko Meriläinen. 5 pages. The text is not signed and I don't know if and where it was published.


19) Schönfelder, Gerd (director of the Semperoper from 1984 to 1990): Handwritten letter to the conductor Sir Colin Davis from 7 February 1988. Topic is the interest of Colin Davis about Charlotte von Kalb and Friedrich Schiller. Schönfelder included a statement of Jürgen Förster from the "Nationale Forschungs- und Gedenkstätten Weimar" about this topic.


20) Wieniawski Violin Competition 1972: Official program of the competition, 143 pages with biographies of all jury members, involved conductors and participants. Several pages bear the autograph of the person, i.e.

  • Tibor Gasparek (1913-1991), jury
  • Bronislaw Gimpel (1911-1979), jury
  • Frederick Grinke (1911-1987), jury
  • Anja Ignatius (1911-1987), jury
  • Jadwiga Kaliszewska (1936-2012), jury
  • Zenon Ploszaj (1924-2003), jury
  • Franz Samohyl (1912-1999), jury
  • Werner Scholz (1926-2012), jury
  • Mihaly Szücs (1922-1990), jury
  • Eugenia Uminska (1910-1980), jury
  • Antoni Wit (*1944), conductor
  • Hratchia Haroutunian (*1950), particiant
  • Stefan Henryk Czermak (*1948), participant
  • Tadeusz Gadzina (*1946), participant
  • Machie Oguri (*1948), participant
  • Stefan Stalanowski (*1949), participant
  • Edward Zbigniew Zienkowski (*1951), participant


21) Kronold, Hans: autograph note with signature to an unknown recipient: "In remembrance of the excellent accompaniments at the service." Dated 5 October 1903


22) Tintori, Giampiero: Concerto per flauto e piccola orchestra op.22. Full score of the composition published privately through "Eliografia 'Figli della Provvidenza' ". With autograph inscription: "A m. Maxence Larrieu con la piu viva cordialita". Signed by Giampiero Tintori and dated Milano, 4 October 1955.


23) study score of Mozart's piano concerto KV 467 (published by Edition Eulenburg EE 3826, 1972) with autograph inscriptions of the pianists Emanuel Ax, Eugene Istomin, Walter Klien and Louis Lortie to former Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra board chairman Frank Stewart.


24) study score of Shostakovich's piano concerto No.2 op. 102 (published by Boosey & Hawkes HPS 796) with an autograph inscription by pianist Alexander Toradze to former Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra board chairman Frank Stewart.


25) study score of Beethoven's piano concerto No.3 op. 37 (published by Henle Verlag) with autograph inscriptions by the pianists Imogen Cooper and Olli Mustonen to former Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra board chairman Frank Stewart.


26) Rorem, Ned: collection of three items all inscribed to Frank Stewart, the former Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra board chairman:

  • copy of the book "Music and People" by Ned Rorem (published 1968) with an autograph inscription on the flyleaf: "To Frank Stewart in memory of Air music with pleasure - Ned Rorem '75".
    The inscription refers to the world premiere of "Air music" through the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on 5 December 1975.
  • pocket score of "Air music" by Ned Rorem published by Boosey & Hawkes (H.P.S. 815, 1977) with an autograph inscription on the flyleaf: "for Frank H. Stewart with pleasant memories (and others which now are sad) of this piece's premiere, already long past, and looking forward to working together again - warmly Ned Rorem, June 1977".
    Ned Rorem won the Pulitzer Price for Music in 1976 for "Air music", which makes this set of signed book and score special.
  • Finally the set contains a typed letter to Frank Stewart by Ned Rorem. The letter dates from 28 December 1989, is written on personal stationary of Ned Rorem and signed "Ned". The content refers to the stay at Nantucket, why the Cincinnati SO didn't perform any Rorem works since "Air music" and New Year's wishes.




1) Reger, Max: Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Johann Sebastian Bach op.81. Leipzig: Lauterbach & Kuhn L&K 237, 1904. 43 pages. Covers worn, creased back cover, clean inside


2) Debussy, Claude: Children's Corner. Paris: A. Durand & Fils (1908). 28 pages. Previous owner stamp on title page, inside pencil markings


3) New Musik – A Quarterly of Modern Compositions, volume 7, number 3: Ray Green – Sonatina for piano, Two songs. 16 pages. Stamp on title page, otherwise good


4) Schönberg, Arnold: Vier Lieder für eine Singstimme und Klavier – Nr.3 Erhebung. Berlin: Dreililien. 3 pages. Good.


5) Antyufeyev, Boris: Concerto for viola and orchestra – piano reduction. Moskau: State Music Publisher 23635, 1953. 27 pages + 11 pages solo part. Good.


6) Rihm, Wolfgang: Symphony No.3. Full score. Wien: Universal Edition UE 16765, 1978. 119 pages. Good.


7) Partskhaladze, Merab: Concerto for piano and orchestra – piano reduction. Moskau: Soviet Kompozytor 1957. 108 pages, no solo part. Good.


8) Privately bound sheet music collection of Jaroslav Egon Salaba-Vojan (founder of the Bohemian Arts Club Chicago and an important promoter of Bohemian music in the US in the beginning of the 20th century). The collection contains:

  • Album of Twelve Pieces for the Pianofoprte by Bohemian Composers – The Boston Music Company. New York: Schirmer B.M.Co.5449, 1917. 30 pages. contains Friml: Adieu, Suk: Minuet. Smetana: Souvenir de Boheme, Nawratil: Elegy, Dvorak: Silhouette, Fibich: Polka, Chvala: Song without words, Nesvera: Butterflies, Musil: Frolic, Slunicko: Waltz, Nedbal: Air classique, Novak: Furiant

  • Smetana, Friedrich (Bedrich): Aus der Heimat – Zwei Stücke für Violine und Klavier, neu herausgegeben von Hans Sitt. Stück II. Leipzig: Peters 7744. 11 pages.

  • Smetana, Bedrich: I. Listek do pamatniku, für Klavier. Prag: Fr. A. Urbanek U.679. 3 pages

  • Smetana, Bedrich: Venkovanka, für Klavier. Handwritten score most likely in the hand of Jaroslav Salaba-Vojan. 3 pages.

  • Dvorak, Anton: Poetische Stimmungsbilder – dreizehn Klavierstücke op.85. Zweites Heft mit Stücken Nr.5 bis Nr.9. Berlin- Leipzig: Simrock 9246. 23 pages

  • Dvorak, Anton: Poetische Stimmungsbilder – dreizehn Klavierstücke op.85. Drittes Heft mit Stücken Nr.10 bis Nr.13. Berlin- Leipzig: Simrock 9247. 23 pages

  • Kovarovic, Karel: Svitani. Prag: Mojmir Urbanek M.U.1102, 1919. 9 pages

  • Kovarovic, Karel: Predehra. Pilsen: Koci a Finke 2. 11 pages

  • Kovarovic, Karel: Vylet pana Broucka s mesice na vystavu. Pilsen: Koci a Finke 6. 9 pages

  • Tregler, Eduard: Aquarelly op.18. Prag: Mojmir Urbanek M.U.191. 23 pages

  • Foerster, Josef Bohuslav: Sneni op.47. Prag: Mojmir Urbanek M.U.58. 23 pages

  • Foerster, Josef Bohuslav: Ruze vzpomínek op.49. Prag: Mojmir Urbanek M.U.194. 17 pages

  • Wünsch, Rudolf Dalibor: Skocna. Prag: Urbanek U1251. 5 pages

  • Foerster, Josef Bohuslav: Melodie. Dissolved pages from Urbanek U679 (pages 7-9). 3 pages

  • Rozkosny, Josef Richard: Na rozloucenou! Dissolved pages from Urbanek U679 (pages 27-29). 3 pages

  • Kovarovic, Karel: Tri tance. Dissolved pages from Urbanek U717 (pages  113-121). 9 pages

  • Zamrzla, Rudolf (pseudonym of Karel Kovarovic): Arietta. Dissolved pages from Urbanek U717 (page 122). 1 page

  • Weis, Karel: Vacik. Dissolved pages from U717 (pages 123-126). 4 pages

  • Chvala, Emanuel: O jak jsi krasna! Handwritten score by Jaroslav Salaba-Vojan (signed), 3 pages

  • Dvorak, Anton: Poetische Stimmungsbilder – dreizehn Klavierstücke op.85. Erstes Heft mit Stücken Nr.1 bis Nr.4. Berlin- Leipzig: Simrock 9245. 23 pages

  • Suk, Josef: Stedrovecerni pisnicka. Copy of the autograph score, glued on the flyleaf.

  • Celansky, Ludovik Viteslav: Ach, kdo zapomina. Handwritten score most likely in the hand of Jaroslav Salaba-Vojan. 1 double-page, inlaid.


9) Vogel, Ernst: Zweites Streichquartett (1961). Self-published by the composer VE 57. Full score and 4 parts. Browned outside, otherwise good.


10) Vogel, Ernst: Moira – Musik für Streicher (1976). Self-published by the composer (59 pages) with inlaid copies of a text about the construction of the composition and the used twelve-tone rows (both copies of the handwritten autographs) as well as a typed text about the personal importance of the work (death of son). Additionally: The later published full score from Doblinger, that doesn't contain the three inlaid documents. Good.


11) Vogel, Ernst: Spiel und Zwischenpiel für Blechbläser und Orgel (1977). Self-published by the composer, 77 pages. Only the excerpt „Zwischenspiel“ was published by Doblinger, the complete work remains unpublished. Good.


12) Lechthaler, Josef: Freundliche Abendmusik – Trio für Flöte, Klarinette und Gitarre op.53. Augsburg: Anton Böhm & Sohn 9248. 32 pages. ull score, no parts. Good.


13) Lechthaler, Josef: Der Herr, mein Schild – Kantate nach deutschen Chorälen für gemischten Chor, Knabenstimmen, Orchester und Orgel op.35. Piano reduction. Augsburg: Anton Böhm & Sohn 8207, 1934. 32 pages + 8 pages each for parts of soprano, alto, tenor and bass as well as 4 pages boys choir. Good


14) Lechthaler, Josef: Feuersprüche – Deutsche Kantate nach Worten von Ernst Ludwig Schellenberg op.52. Piano reduction. Augsburg: Anton Böhm & Sohn 9174, 1942. 58 pages. Good.


15) Lechthaler, Josef: Inssbruck, ich muss dich lassen, for men's chorus. Augsburg: Anton Böhm & Sohn 8747, 1937. 5 pages.


16) Zetter, Hans Georg: 6 Lieder. Wien: Europäischer Verlag. 16 pages


17) Uchida, Masato: Thravsma I, pour deux flutes. Self-published, 8 pages with handwritten corrections by the composer.


18) Rettich, Wilhelm: Sinfonische Variationen für Klavier und Orchester op.54. Piano reduction. Privately bound copy of the autograph manuscript, 62 pages. From the estate of pianist Erika Frieser, containing many red markings from a performance.


19) Sonninen, Ahti: 7 songs on Hungarian folk poems, for voice and piano op.14. Issue I + II (9 + 11 pages). Helsinki: Westerlund. Good condition.


20) Palmgren, Selim: 12 Finnish folk songs, for voice and piano. Helsinki: Westerlund. 25 pages. Good condition.


21) Sawada, Ryukichi: Kappore, for piano: Tokyo, Jujiya 1916. 6 pages. Very good condition of one of the very first Japanese publications of Western classical music.


22) Rautavaara, Einojuhani: Pelimannit, for piano op.1. Private copy of the autograph manuscript written on Juilliard School of Music paper in 1953. 13 pages, good condition.

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